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Making sugar from the bones of murdered Jews

It is well known that the Nazi extermination program in Russia was marked by its speed and its mass proportions. According to various testimonies of non-Jews, over eighty thousand Jews were massacred in the course of a few days in Kiev ("Babi Yar"), about thirty thousand in Berditchev ("Bald Mountain"), about eighteen thousand in Zhitomir ("Bagonin"), etc. etc. These witnesses relate that masses of Jews were shot and thrown into vast pits which had been dug and prepared in advance. They add that many wounded Jews, who had not yet breathed their last, were also thrown into the pits, as were children who were all alive and had not been shot at all. It is, of course, impossible to determine exactly how many Soviet Jews were killed by the Nazis. Perhaps in the course of time reports on the "actions" in the Ukraine and White Russia, including official figures, will be found in the Nazi archives. One thing is known beyond doubt — that only a small fraction of the Jewish population managed to flee when the Nazis opened their attack on Soviet Russia on June 22, 1941. For some reason the Soviet authorities still guard the details of the Nazi massacre of Russian Jews in secret and have not yet permitted them to be published.
The dreadful state of the graves of the Jews who were slaughtered by the Nazis — graves not even marked by a wire fence — may be adduced from the appalling story told to me by a reliable person who arrived in Israel recently: a few years ago the Jews of Zhitomir found out that among the various articles being sold to the scrap-materials warehouse there were also bones, which were sent to the nearby sugar factory. Farmers were supplying this "commodity" in fairly large quantities. Eventually it transpired that these were human bones which were removed from the Jewish mass-grave on the outskirts of the city, considered to be an area belonging to no one. The local Jews were terribly shocked to learn of this, and after the authorities were contacted and informed of the frightful situation, this shameful "commerce" was stopped. It was expected that the criminals, who also turned out to have assisted the Nazis in their brutal massacres, would be brought to justice, but no action was taken.
I first heard this story twice from second-hand sources. I therefore resolved to investigate and to interrogate someone who was an eyewitness. I went to a new-immigrant town where the living witness now resides. I heard the story for the third time. I inquired into the details, and the frightful truth of the story was fully borne out.

"An Appalling Situation: Neglect of Mass Graves and Sale of Martyrs Bones"
by Binyamin West, Vad Washem [sic] Bulletin, July 1958, no. 3, p. 12.

The very same Binyamin West said the following at a meeting of Mapai members on December 13, 1951:


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    See from 16:55


    U.S. Wars on Dope [news from the 50s or 60s)

    "US customs and police are having another drive to round up dope smugglers. ... millions of dollars worth of deadly heroin. Enough they say to kill 6 million people."

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    1. Thanks. I was only looking at that myself the other day.

      It's a good source that site, it has a lot of old publications on it.

      holotruth.org.uk has a pdf of the article.

  3. Did you know?


    Emil Maurice (19 January 1897, Westermoor – 6 February 1972, Munich) was an early member of the National Socialist German Workers Party and one of the founders of the SS. Together with Erich Kempka, he also served as one of Hitler's personal drivers—despite having Jewish ancestry.

    Maurice was a close associate of Adolf Hitler; their a personal friendship dated back to at least 1919.

    Hitler became SS member No. 1 and Emil Maurice became SS member No. 2.

    While Maurice never became a top commander of the SS, his status as SS member #2 effectively credited him as the actual founder of the organization. Heinrich Himmler, who ultimately would become the most recognized leader of the SS, was SS member #168.

    Despite his Jewish ancestry, Maurice was first and foremost a loyal companion to Hitler.



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