Friday, 9 August 2013

'Stand & Kill the German'

"STAND—AND KILL!" This was the call given by a writer in Red Star to Red Army men yesterday, say Reuters.
"Soldier! You are the judge. You must bring the judgment into affect.
"The German is before you—do not waver, kill him!
"Soldier! Avenge the mother and sister of your comrade.
"Solder, you see the German torturing a Russian child—you have a rifle, avenge it.
"Do not retreat, Judgment advances. Judgment does not retreat.
"The Germans came to kill us—they shall not escape, not a single man. Kill him, kill him quickly."


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  2. BRoI, there are two other stories of interest on that page.

    The first one reports on Madagascar and leads one to wonder if any Jews had been deported there before that stage; and secondly; the announcment from the BBC of ''attaining our goal which is nothing less than the total annihilation of Hitlerite Germany''

    As we know in 'holospeak' that means the biological destruction of Germany if the Jewish interpretation of the term is used in translation.

    So the BBC announced: ''Alliierte Pläne zur Ausrottung des deutschen Volkes'' (Allied plans for the extermination of the German people) in September 1941!

    They don't teach the goyim that on the History Channel...

    1. I think that should be September 1942 not 1941..I've gotta get these eyes corrected.

    2. You are right Henry, it's 1942. My bad. Sorry.

    3. The Madagascar plan for a Jewish state was actually mooted by Zionists as an option along with Uganda. Wikipedia has an article which is unsurprisingly heavily edited by the ADL/HET mob to reflect "official approved " thinking with regard to this plan.
      All references are to " official " historians ie Longerich, Evans , Kershaw.
      Note how apparently the Jewish members of the Polish committee examining the proposal for a Jewish homeland on Madagascar in 1937 thought that only 500 Jewish families could be accommodated there. The population in 2013 is 22 million on an island larger and with more natural resources than France.


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