Thursday, 5 September 2013

1981: Over 7,000,000 million killed at Auschwitz

Seated second from right is Dr. Azriel Eisenberg of New York (1903 - 1985), the hero of this blog post. 

In the introduction to his 1981 book Witness to the Holocaust, a collection of over 100 eyewitness accounts, Eisenberg writes:
"This is not just another book on a heart-rending chapter of modern history; it is a scroll of agony and heroism. As such, it must be studied with awe and reverence."

In chapter 11 "The Death Camps: Auschwitz", he informs us that at Auschwitz:
"When transports arrived, an estimated 60-90 percent of the deportees were driven from the train directly to the gas chambers. They were told that they were to be disinfected. Women and children were the first to die; the strong and fit were used for slave labor until the "normal conditions" of camp life destroyed them.
It is estimated that the ovens "processed" as many as seven million people. This number does not include those who were killed by other means—starvation, disease, and other afflictions."

source: Thanks to L. A. Rollins and his 1983 review of this book published in the JHR.


  1. From David Irving's website there is mention of the sale of Rudolf Hess's notes and files from his sojourn in London during the war. The official files are locked away until 2017. They might all be forgeries like the " Hitler Diaries " and when Hess alludes to the " Wonder weapons" in 1941 then my suspicions are raised. However at least they haven't been offered to the Matlock auction rooms which has a direct line to the Daily Mail to publicise its Nazi forgeries. Chances of them being forgeries over 60 % but anyway here is the link to them,


  2. I've found the information provided in this site to be top notch. I'm scared and had been for the past 2 years of you getting shut down. Could you back it up and upload it to mediafire or someplace? I really, really, want a backup of your entire site. The information and the direct sources of non 'right wing, neonazi, negationist, self hating jews, fascist, etc.' POV is too good to be true.

    And as a backup I mean the raw text information. Anything you could provide will be appreciated. I tried using http://www.httrack.com but since you have a 'key' for agreement of +18 content I cannot download it.

    Can you be of any more help? Thanks, really.

    1. Thanks for you kind comments and sorry for the delay in responding, I've been away for the last week.

      If you can leave an email address, I can contact you and arrange a time that I will temporarily disable the adult warning so you can download the entire blog.

  3. Daughter of notorious Nazi Rudolf Höss claims number of Holocaust victims is exaggerated,
    says father 'was the nicest man in the world'


    - Mikael


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