Monday, 23 September 2013

Churchill Jnr. mightily impressed by fascist speech

Randolph Churchill speaking in Haifa, Israel during 1955 and Sir Oswald Mosley founder of the British Union of Fascists.

In 1934, the 23 year old journalist and son of Winston Churchill wrote of Mosley's speaking abilities which he'd witnessed in Leeds:

"Sir Oswald's peroration was one of the most magnificent feats of oratory I have ever heard. The audience which had listened with close attention to his reasoned arguments were swept away in spontaneous reiterated bursts of applause."

Robert Benewick, Political Violence & Public Order: A Study of British Fascism, London: Allen Lane The Penguin Press, 1969, p.101.


  1. The whole Churchill family were corrupt and Randolph was the worst. It 's a pity Ribbentrop didn't buy the family off in 1936 as they were all purchasable at a price. In the end the Jews through the Focus group bought Churchill senior and the world war was the consequence.

  2. Peter Mandas here. Finally it's out! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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