Saturday, 21 September 2013

Trotsky surrounded himself with fellow Jews

Harvard scholar Joshua Rubenstein and his 2011 biography of Leon Trotsky.

Rubenstein was interviewed by the Harvard Political Review in April 2012, he told them:

"wherever he (Trotsky) is, he’s with Jews—in the revolutionary movement, in a restaurant in the Bronx, editing a paper in Paris—he’s surrounded by other Jews. Yet whether he understood that, whether that mattered to him, whether it was just coincidence, I’ll leave that to others to sort out. But, that’s simply a fact.

"Joshua Rubenstein on Trotsky’s Revolutionary Life" by Jeffrey Kalmus, 
Harvard Political Review, Books & Arts — April 7, 2012


  1. Yes, that´s simply a fact. Everytime when you read in mainstream media about jews in the soviet system they´ll tell you: Yes, there were many jews, but this has of course nothing to do with jewishness.

  2. Les Juifs sont partout haïssables : qu'ils s'appellent Trosty, Lev bronstein, ou Rothschild !


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