Saturday, 12 October 2013

'5 Million Jews Died in 1 Camp'

New York Post, April 11, 1945, p.1 (enlarged image)

The '5 Million Jews Died In 1 Camp' article is reporting on the extraordinary—even by Holocaust standards—April 11, 1945 claim of Hungarian Jewish politician and Auschwitz survivor Bela Fabian, who further upped the holo-absurdity by insisting that these five million Jews were killed at Auschwitz in just ten months. In fairness to Holocaust promoters they did immediately pooh-pooh Fabian's figure, although that didn't stop him from repeating it. 
Found in the United Kingdom National Archives is a May 6, 1945 letter from Duff Cooper the British ambassador in France to Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden. The letter was in regard to an accompanying report dated April 30, 1945 written by Mr. P. F. D. Tennant, the Press AttachĂ© of the British Embassy in Paris, who, along with a colleague, had interviewed Bela Fabian on April 26, 1945. Tennant's observed that Fabian's stories had immense propagandistic potential and he noted:

"He [Fabian] was employed in the Record Office of the Oswiencim [sic] camp, and, from these records, it was possible to deduce that up to June 1944 five million people had been gassed and burned."

UK National Archives: FO 371/50975, p.74, Cooper to Eden May 6, 1945, U3555 (enlarged image)

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