Monday, 14 October 2013

Charles de Gaulle at Auschwitz in 1969

The Sunday Press (Binghampton, NY), September 10, 1967, p.14A.

France's president Charles de Gaulle was perhaps at little shocked when he read on these then two-year-old plaques that four million people had been killed at Auschwitz, as a French report submitted to the big Nuremberg trial said it was seven million.


  1. No worries, it is simply a magic number that can appear differently depending on the size of ones propaganda needs, like an optical illusion - or the stock market prices.

    Sometimes it looks like 4 million, other times like 1 million, or 5 million or perhaps 7 million with a French accent, or even occasionally can jump as high as 9 million or more if the the demand for bullshit is high enough.

    But regardless of how this magic number bounces around the minimum of 6 million total for the Holocaust remains steady, at threat of legal prosecution.


  2. Here is an advisable blog about biographies of politicians, but in german language only.
    In the author´s conclusion de Gaulle was an evil criminal.


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