Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Doctored Buchenwald photo on canvas

Peruvian artist Rafael Ramírez Máro stands in front of one of his amazing paintings. 
All the photos in this post have been taken from his website or his Google page.

Máro and Buchenwald survivor Max Hamburger in February 2010, next to Máro's painting of the
famous photograph in which Max claims to appear. More photos from the occasion can be seen here.

Hamburger points out himself 

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  1. I think these survivors enjoy it to be some kind of stars now, shoahstars. Maybe they feel like descendands of the bible´s prophets. The prophets of the the new religion. Shoahism is judaism for goyim. Some of them were recorded as 3D holograms. OT: Italy will now join the nations in which holocaust denying or doubting is a crime.


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