Friday, 18 October 2013

"kill every German," is one of our options - NYT publisher

Arthur Hays Sulzberger the publisher of The New York Times and husband of Iphigene Bertha Ochs, the daughter of NYT's former-owner Adolph Ochs and grand-daughter of Rabbi Isaac "Masonry is a Jewish institution" Wise, spoke at the NYT-sponsored "clarification meeting on post-war planning" at the then-New York Times Hall in Manhattan on Friday, September 24, 1943. He told the meeting that the American people had three choices after the war:
A: "kill every German and Japanese, and I don't think we have the stomach for that;"
B: "go off and leave them alone, as my generation did,"
C: "stay there and watch them."


  1. " Stay there and watch them" . Well with a military force of over 50,000 in 2013 they are probably still doing it, although since 1945 the German population have been thoroughly " re educated " to be loyal subjects of the American Empire it is hardly needed.

    1. Note as well that being an "enemy state" under the U.N Charter if Germany were to come to it's senses finally the other 'Allied Powers'/U.N.S.C could take military action against them without any declarations, legal justifications or consequences.

      That alone would likely keep them in-line - on their own Russia, China, England/U.K, France and the U.S.A/NATO are powerful forces but together in a common cause (again) they would be quite possibly militarily unbeatable.

      One of the reasons they stationed nukes in Germany is because they consider it a good thing if a nuclear war starts that Germany be a certified target for destruction.


    2. My last line in that prior post refers to the fact that none of those powers have any desire to preserve the German nation in any way.

      If they could have covered it up or gotten public opinion to agree with it I'm sure they would have driven Germany to total extermination in 1945.

      A resurgent Germany would likely be a blessing for them - "3rd time's a charm" - "those damn Germans just won't stop being evil, we have to exterminate them now so they don't come back again" - and exterminate any and every enemy they can possibly remotely connect to them in the process.



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