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Nazi soap & human skin gloves in Kiev museum

This is a 25-year-old Zygmunt (Siegmund) Mazur, a Polish laboratory technician at the German run Danzig Anatomical Institute, pictured at his May 12, 1945 interrogation by Colonel Grzegorz Korczyński, head of the Gdansk WUBP, a regional division of the MBP, the Polish-communist secret police, an outfit founded and controlled by the NKVD.
Mazur died in a Gdańsk prison, supposedly of typhus (no post-mortem was conducted) possibly hours, but a maximum of six days after appearing at an NKVD press conference in Gdansk on July 8, 1945, where he confirmed to journalists that he had boiled human fat into soap at the Danzig Anatomical Institute.
The result of his May 12 interrogation was a confession that makes up part of Nuremberg document USSR-197, excerpts of which Soviet prosecutor L. N. Smirnov read into the trial transcript on February 19, 1946:
"The fat of the human bodies was collected by Borkmann and Reichert. I boiled the soap out of the bodies of women and men. The process of boiling alone took several days- from 3 to 7. During two manufacturing processes, in which I directly participated, more than 25 kilograms of soap were produced. The amount of human fat necessary for these two processes was 70 to 80 kilograms collected from some 40 bodies."
Mazur also confirmed that human skin was processed at the Danzig Anatomical Institute:
"In the same way as for human fat, Professor Spanner (director of the Danzig AI) ordered us to collect human skin, which after having been cleaned of fat was treated by certain chemical products. ... The 'finished' skin was packed in boxes and used for special purposes which I don't know."
Holocaust promoters have long since discarded many of their ridiculous claims about Nazi utilization of corpses which they themselves started in November 1942, but still maintain that soap from human corpses was produced in small, or experimental quantities in the Danzig Anatomical Institute—contradicting the very NKVD-obtained testimonial evidence that they rely so heavily upon.

After reading a recent article by Klaus Schwensen on Inconvenient History in which he mentions that soap and gloves made from humans are displayed in the Soviet-built Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Kiev, I decided to visit and see for myself.

The 200 foot tall Motherland statute on top of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Kiev (enlarged version)

Inside the entrance hall (enlarged version)

This is Hall 6 inside the museum which contains the exhibition named "Nazi Occupation." In the centre of the hall (which is more of a room than a hall) is a guillotine. A guillotine was mentioned in a further confession by Mazur—also part USSR-197—following his interrogation on May 28, 1945 by the Red Army's Lieutenant-Colonel Geitman and Major Kadensky. Unfortunately I was not aware of that when I visited, so I didn't photograph the museum sign by the leg of the guillotine.

The above display case is to the left of the guillotine in my photo. The text on the sign reads:
Рукавички, виготовлені з людської шкіри.
Мило, виготовлене з людського жиру в одному з одному з гітлерівських концтаборів.
За роки "нового порядку", встановленого нацистами, в концентраційних таборах перебувало 18 млн. осіб з 30 країн Європи. 12 млн. Були знищені.
Німецький мішок.

Translated from Ukrainian (improvements welcomed):
Gloves made ​​of human skin.
Soap made ​​from human fat in one of one of Hitler's concentration camps.
During the years of the "new order" established by the Nazis, 18 million people from 30 European countries were taken to their concentration camps. 12 million were destroyed.
German bag.

"Gloves made ​​of human skin" (enlarged version)

As you can tell from the photograph of the entire display case, this bar of "soap made from human fat" is pretty small, I'd guess that it was around 4 cms in length.


  1. The soap cult goes on and on. It reminds me to the medieval cult of relics. Alleged splinters of the cross of crist (and sometimes his foreskin) were displayed in churches all over europe. Thank you for exploring Kiev´s Nazi Horror Picture Show.

  2. I saw a bigger bar of human soap in Lokev Slovenia in this private military museum http://www.slovenia-trips.com/eng/cultural-sights/trip/1065/Lokev-na-krasu-military-museum-and-prosciutto

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Apparently theirs is from Dachau.

      Can't find any photos of it, although I see on this video of the museum that cameras aren't allowed.

      That's a hell of collection they've got there though.

  3. “ Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands. . .when bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have NO REAL knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe. . .”

    -Polish Ambassador at Washington D.C., Count Jerzy Potocki,in a report to the Polish Foreign Office, dated January 12, 1939

    Quoted in J.F.C. Fuller A Military History of the Western World, vol. 3 pp. 372-374

  4. Nice pair of kid gloves , they are so comfortable!


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