Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Quite a prediction!

Writing in the Zionist Review (London) weekly newspaper in March 1944, Rudolf E. Melitz claimed to quote from a editorial that had recently appeared in an unnamed Romanian newspaper:
"After the Anglo-American victory, the Jews will not only be reinstated in their position as masters of Europe, but we shall also have to pay retribution with interest for everything which they will pretend to have lost, and thus our much depleted finances will have to suffer for generations to come. We shall not only be obliged to tolerate anew their impudence in public and spiritual life, but Israel will claim the role of arbitrator. If we refuse to bow before the golden calf, we shall have to undergo further reprisals as, according to Dr. Weizmann, no peace is possible until all Jewish claims are satisfactorily met. Instead of escaping Jewish tutelage, Europe will once more be compelled to knell before Almighty Jewry."

"Anti-Semitism in the Post-War World: Nazis Hard at Work" by Rudolf E. Melitz, Zionist Review, March 10, 1944, p.4.


  1. "Imprudence"? Wasn't it "impudence"?

    1. You're right. It's my transcription error. Thanks.

    2. You're welcome.

      And thank you for the great job you've done in the past years and still do now. A very important job...


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