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'the discerning Jewish eye can see a more exalted plan'

"When there is a great war in the world, the power of the Messiah awakens."

- Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hacohen Kook (1865–1935), chief Ashkenazi rabbi of British 
Mandate Palestine and the most prominent early leader of religious Zionism

Israeli scholar Professor Israel Shahak wrote in his 1999 book Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel that Rabbi Kook: "did not disguise his joy over the loss of lives in World War I; he explained that loss of lives was necessary 'in order to begin to break Satan's Power.'" Shahak nor his co-author Norton Mezvinsky cited a source for this quote, but it seems very likely that it's from Kook's Orot (Lights) writings, which were written in Hebrew, although several English translations of parts of the work have been published over the years.  

Rabbi David Samson wrote the article 'Israel’s War Against Arab Terror' in August 2002, in which he explained Rabbi Kook's theory of not just World War I, but all world wars, and what Jews would, and have gained through them. 

Following are extracts from the article. I've taken the liberty of replacing the words Mashiach with Messiah, and Hashem for God, as that what they mean in English. I've also removed Samson's footnote numbering. His original article can be read on the link below.

In his classic treatise, OROT, Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook explains that war is one of the ways that G-d advances the Redemption of Israel. While Rabbi Kook wrote his essays on war during the First World War, his profound Torah insights pertain all the more to our situation today, when the Israel Defense Forces are fighting to defend the Jewish People in the Promised Land. 
... it is important to understand that the ideal world we long for can come through the upheavals of war. Just as there are times of light and times of darkness, there are times of peace and times of war. In the midst of the horrors of World War One, Rabbi Kook wrote:
"When there is a great war in the world, the power of the Messiah awakens."
... When looked at through the perspective of Torah, war also possesses a positive value. War ushers in Messiah. Even through the destruction of war, the light of Messiah appears. The power of Messiah is released when a great war grips the world. In fact, the greater the magnitude and force of the war, the greater the revelation of Messiah that follows.
... The Talmud in tractate Sanhedrin describes the terrible times which will accompany the advent of the Messiah. Rabbi Yochanan teaches that if one sees a generation with great tribulations, one can expect the Messiah to come. He sees ahead to the light at the end of the tunnel. This is the same encompassing vision which enables Rabbi Kook to see the coming of Messiah in a world darkened by war.
... Rabbi Kook's vision is rooted in the teachings of our Sages. The Gemara states that "War is also the beginning of Redemption." There, the Talmud says the Messiah comes after a period of struggle and war. The Midrash teaches that if you see the empires of the world waging war against each other, you should expect the "footsteps of Messiah." The Rambam tells us that one of Messiah's premier tasks is to fight the wars of God. In our daily prayers, we proclaim that "God is the Master of wars."
... Rabbi Kook tells us that when there are great international upheavals like wars, in accordance with the magnitude of the conflict, the Redemption of Israel progresses toward its destined perfection. This is precisely what occurred in Rabbi Kook's time.
The Balfour Declaration, which recognized the right of the Jewish people to Eretz (the Land of) Yisrael, was a direct result of the First World War. As an outcome of the war, the British were left in charge of Israel to facilitate the birth of a Jewish State. G-d overthrew the Turks, who had scorn for the Bible, and replaced them with Englishmen who supported the Jewish people's Biblical claim to the Land. 
The result of World War II marked an additional step forward in Israel's developmental process – the foundation of Medinat Yisrael (the State of Israel.) 
These modern hallmarks of Jewish history, and their connection to the wars which preceded them, are obvious discernible facts. While textbooks and erudite historians may expound a plethora of social, political, and economic theories in explaining these World Wars, the discerning Jewish eye can see a more exalted plan. The World Wars in our time were the instruments God used to re-establish the nation of Israel in its Promised Land
... Thus, when Rabbi Kook looks at the First World War through the glasses of Jewish world history, he knows that the war's outcome will be beneficial to Israel. He knows that the war has come to facilitate the political redemption of the Jewish people and to lead us back to sovereignty over our Land.
Rabbi Kook continues: 
"The time of the songbird has come, the weeding of tyrants. The evil ones are obliterated from the world, the world becomes perfected, and the voice of the turtle-dove is heard in our Land."
... Each new war brings another stage of Redemption. From World War One and the Balfour Declaration, we advance to World War Two and the establishment of the Jewish State. The miraculous Six-Day War brings us to the reunification of Jerusalem and the recapture of Judea and Samaria, Aza and the Golan. Once again, we made a giant leap forward through war
What does this insight mean for today? G-d willing, our war against Arab terror will uproot all of the tyrants and purveyors of murder, and find us once again in possession of all of our Biblical lands.


  1. The World Wars in our time were the instruments of Zion used to establish the wereld-getto in the Promised Land.

  2. Rabbi David Samson is one of the leading English-speaking Torah scholars in the Religious-Zionist movement in Israel. A Religious-Zionist is the same as a no-racist member of the Ku Klux Klan. Does not exist. Those who are Zionists are not Religious. Zionism is against the will of G-d. Zionism is a malicious breach of the Divine decree of the Almighty to live in the Diaspora. On shall not undo the Diaspora is the one of the most important laws of Judaism. Reading the literature of the Zionists one can read very easily that there goal is self-enrichment at the expenses of Jews. According to the writings of Herzl capital and goods are the one and only G-d to obey. Rabbi David Samson is a Nazi!

    1. I'm not disagreeing but the whole point of their religious manipulations is to create the false appearance of the fulfillment of ancient prophecies - and the end of the Diaspora and the creation of Israel is the main part of that Prophecy.

      Now one can argue (rightly so) that this is false prophecy manufactured by Jews and not by G-d, but the Jews themselves - whether religious or atheistic - consider themselves so supreme and "chosen" by G-d that to them G-d is simply working through them to do it.

      The idea of "good Jews" and "bad Jews" as noted by the likes of Churchill is part of the manipulation - the same prophetic vision applies to all Jews, good or bad.

      When Zionism was simply a 'Jewish question' it received very little support from among the Jewish people - it was the polarization of the issue into "good Jews" vs "bad Jews" that gave Zionism it's power as it became a "with us or against us" issue rather than a "what if?" issue. (Zionism versus Bolshevism - yet they assisted each other while opposing each other?)

      There may in fact be Jews that legitimately oppose the Zionist cause but since "controlled opposition" is a core part of the Jewish mystical underpinnings it is not something I'd be willing to bet on - The universe is dominated by 2 forces that appear to oppose each other but actually work in harmony together to create balance - yin and yang, positive and negative energy, good and evil, and so on.

      Zionism versus Bolshevism was an example of the harmoniously cooperative "opposing" forces at work - the Cold War between the Jew.S.A and Jew.S.S.R was another example(that brought the world under U.N domination).

      Some Jews that profited and did well under the 'old world order' are considered "unrighteous Jews" and are subject to the same treatment as the unrighteous Gentiles by these forces.

      But the Zionists are as much Jewish as any non-Zionist Jew is - more so really since they are the followers of the ancient Jewish mysticism the Judaic faith was built from(Qabbalah, Zohar, etc. - though most were secretive verbal systems passed on for generations before being written down) - they are the "chosen few among the chosen people".

      To their view any Jew that opposes them honestly simply doesn't understand what 'The Jew' really is - their ancient wisdom and understandings make them better Jews than anyone, even if they do seek to destroy religious Judaism as well.

      This whole issue is far more complex than the average reviewer could understand - especially if they base their views off the false religious views of Jews that the Jews themselves created under the "Abrahamic" faiths.


    2. To simplify a bit - although impossible to trust in general the Jews do occasionally tell the truth, even if it is very hard to accept for some people...

      "We have given you Christianity to convert the heathens gradually to the pure deism and ethics of Moses and the Prophets."


      The 'pure deism and ethics of Moses and the Prophets' is the mystical NWO/Kingdom of God/Jewish Utopia, and the Abrahamic religions that must be destroyed to assist that agenda today were created to assist that agenda long ago.

      Even the Diaspora itself was used to assist the agenda - you can't establish a 'Brotherhood of Man' being confined to one place - you need to have contact with all 'man' around the world, and you must have systems like Freemasonry to maintain the connections between those dispersed peoples.

      Everything goes in cycles including the 'advancement' of mankind - the creation of the Abrahamic faiths initiated one cycle, the destruction of those faiths will end that cycle and begin a new one - the NWO one.


    3. There is a clear distinction between (authentic) Jews and Ashkenazim. Two total different races. Two different cultures. Two different languages. Different music. Different DNA. Biblical different descendents from Noach. Jews are Iraki-people. Ashkenazim are Dzjengis Khan like of people. Ashkenazim are Nazi by design with a Jewish like look. They have stolen the Jewish identity to twist and distorted it so it can be used to distract the world and turn it in to hell. Ashkenazim can not be seen as Jews. Two total different species. People from different places. With total different roots.

      Ashkenazim are the suppliers of Zionism and thus Nazism. They are the Romans. Collaborated with the Catholics, were/are the Catholics. An old crusadertrick to dress as Jew so the Catholic can destroy Judaism from within? A Trojan Horse kind of take-over of Judaism by mongols. Ashkenazim are screwed up people sacrificed by there own leaders to let the Rothschilds rule over the world and have Great Israel and Jerusalem as the center of the New World Order wich is payed by Rockefeller as well.

      The authentic Jew want assimilation and emancipation in the world and has no nationalistic ambition for Zion. Authentic Jews do not want a Jewish State and do not rebel against authority. They are not obsessed with wealth and power as the Zionists. The authentic Jew wants the Diaspora and opposes the Jewish State as every self aware creature should.

      There are no bad Jews. There are only Jews and Zionist bastards.

    4. I don't think you get it yet - the goal of the 'Brotherhood of Man' is and has always been assimilation - no official ethnic distinction between Jews or Gentile or individual Gentile peoples(unofficially Jews will always be superior).

      On the surface Zionism appears opposed to this but as noted by non-Zionist Louis B. Marshall Zionism is in fact just part of the 'far reaching plan' for them to hang a "powerful weapon" on.

      The Brotherhood of Man is the "Kingdom of God", the core historic and cultural vision of Jewish Messianic prophecy.

      Zionism is designed to fulfill that prophecy, not oppose it.

      There are no "good" or "bad" Jews and there are no true Zionist Jews - just Jews seeking to fulfill prophecy.

      That prophecy just happens to require "false Jews" to take over the world - and low and behold some "false Jews" showed up at the right time to fulfill that prophecy.

      How lucky of the Jews that their "false Jew" enemies would assist them in their prophetic agenda... :/

      If the spirit of Zionism was authentic - removing the Jews from Gentile society and bringing an end to the BoM agenda - then the Zionists would actually likely qualify as the "good Jews".

      The Ashkenazi's may not be genetically the same as the rest of the Jews but the "Brotherhood of Man" is not solely Jewish but is a "cosmopolitical" system created by the Jews.

      In spirit they are as Jewish as any genetically "pure" Jews, but that can't be understood by anyone basing their ideas of Jews off of religious works.

      They are a mystical people and without addressing the mysticism you can't understand 'The Jew'.


    5. Sorry. Did not know you where the one and only know it all.

    6. Haha, I was just going to apologize for coming across that way - the truth is I once 100% agreed with you, but further study of their mystical systems(their own views - not outside opinions of them as most "researchers" do) changed that view.

      The rabid "Nazi hunting" and the force with which both Zionists and non-Zionist Jews oppose and seek to keep hidden Hitler's words and National Socialism's general ideologies from the public today goes against the idea that Hitler and the Zionists were serving the same force(s).

      They used each other mutually for each group's own benefit and both built their ideologies and philosophies from ancient Jewish mysticism(Christian-mysticism for Hitler inspired by Jewish mysticism) but that is where the similarities and alliances end in my opinion.

      They love to use false ideas of Hitler and National Socialism today for propaganda but they avoid the truth like a plague most of the time.

      It's possible Hitler was an actual full-blown agent of the Jewish mystics but the evidence for this is circumstantial at best, just like the evidence for the Holocaust.

      Hitler and Stalin could very well have been the "harmoniously opposing forces" but it seems unlikely to me - if Hitler's job was to create the war he sure took his time going about it inefficiently constantly seeking peaceful ends until 1939.

      And it's not like this was a "build-up" period for the war - militarily the Germans never even attempted to develop a 'war economy' until post-1939.

      For all intents and purposes Hitler's claims to desiring peace, as noted by Chamberlain and others, were seemingly authentic - unlike the "war brings redemption" mantra of these Jewish mystical forces.

      Maybe you are right as I said before but I can't trust any claims to these forces(genetic Jews and Ashkenazi's) being separate when their own beliefs from both groups include the notion of controlling what appear to be opposing sides - but are actually ONE.


    7. Hitler is invented by the Zionists. Ore at least found. Ore made popular. Hitler would not had a change if he was not paid by Rothschild, Rockefeller and Royal Shell and managed by the Bush family. The same Bush from 911. Bush is more a Nazi than Hitler was. Bush played a relevant role in managing WOII. Hitler was a stupid dictator. A fool being used by Zionists. Herzl writes in his dairies that the Zionists wanted accredited anti-Semites to control the masses. That is Hitler. Hitler is paid by Rothschild. Hitler is in fact a Jewish name. There has always been strive between Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews. Intermarriage was not done. Two separate kind of people who do not blend very well. Sephardi Jews are more like Palestinians genetically. The brotherhood you are talking about is - i think - between the Vatican and Rothschild. Between the Byzantium Empire and Khazar Kings. Today it is all about the Vatican and Rothschild to grand them power over the world. The Third Reich. Rothschild is promised to have a descendent crowned as prince of (great) Israel for its contribution to the Endlösung. It is all written down by Herzl, the journalist. That are the rules of the brotherhood. The above Nazi in the article is 'rabbi' of the World-Ghetto of Zion and talking about the third stage towards world domination of the old fashioned evil. Most people think they are Jews because they dress like Jews but they are Romans who before conquered hills of Yodefet and Masada.

      Read there Betar song. Shir Betar: “To die or conquer the hill Yodefet, Masada, Betar”. It were the Romans who conquered the hills. Other sentence: “You have been created the son of kings Crowned with the diadem of David”. Diadem of David? Diadem? Romans wear diadem's. Al the other rulers had crows to be crowned with. I there a Diadem of David? A Diadem?


      The Betar Song is the Heimat Song from the organization of Jabotinsky, one of the most important Zionist leaders. who after the war wrote that WOII is a jewish (read Zionist) war. His organization were and wear the first Brownshirts in Germany. He is the inventor of 'entartet kunst'. Hitler hated the international 'jews'. The slavery by jewish capital. That was slavery by Ashkenazim. Those people were the slavetraders befor. They always have been the masters. The people who also owned the ghetto’s with the poor jews. Managing those ghetto's over the world. Organized on one place is more easy. Now the jews are packed together in there promised-ghetto so they can all be annihilated during the upcoming End Time surprises that lies ahead of everybody. That is why WOII, Holocaust and Exodus was organized by the Zionists.

      And you are right. I do not get what you mean with: “being separate when their own beliefs from both groups include the notion of controlling what appear to be opposing sides - but are actually ONE.”

    8. Could you provide credible first-party sources for all those claims regarding Hitler?

      Most of what I speak of is supported by the documents on this very site, well sourced by Black Rabbit and others - most of your claims are straight-up "conspiracy theories" with the only "evidence" being the non0evidenced claims of Jews themselves - at least that I have come across.

      And are you denying that over 500 Orthodox(mostly Semitic/non-Asheknazi) Jewish Rabbi's have openly stated that Zionism is a product of Judaism?

      PS - As noted here before by myself the Roman Empire was built by the Jews(Israelites), or at least was built on Israelite foundations.

      The old "Rome wasn't built in a day" saying is kind of obfuscating - Rome was not started as Rome but as "Saturnia" dedicated to Saturn with the Saturnalia Festival, Temple of Saturn and of course the Jewish Holy-Day of the "Sabbath" on Saturn's-Day(Saturday) being developed during this time.

      The core concept of Jewish mysticism is that "good" and "evil" are actually ONE force - it appears as TWO forces that oppose each other but ONLY to produce a balance in the universe.

      That understanding is why they consider themselves "God's chosen people" - "evil" is in fact serving God as much as "good" does as without "evil" there could be no defined "goodness".

      Satan is God's servant, his "chief prosecutor" that both tempts people into sinning and punishes them for their sins.

      An example - there is positive energy and there is negative energy and they appear to be "opposites" but are actually equals working in harmony together.

      Without the positive energy there could be no negative energy, and vice-versa - they work together by opposing each other.

      By controlling both "good" and "evil" you can attain balance in the world - or change the balance as you desire, or more aptly as the Jewish Messianic culture demands the Jews to desire.

      There is no "good Jew" and no "bad Jew" - there is only ONE - 'the Jew' and Jewish prophecy.


    9. Sources for claims regarding Hitler? Like his name? That is sourced by Black Rabbit and others. That he is paid by Rothschild is written down by S. Warburg (pseudoniem) in this book http://www.jrbooksonline.com/PDF_Books/Warburg_Hitler%27s%20Secret%20Backers.pdf. The promise to the Rothschild-clan that one of them is gone be crowned can be found in the dairies of Herzl.

      P 165 from the complete diaries. There Herzl makes a direct link between Rothschild contributing tot Zionism and the Prince that is gone be crowned in the Third Temple. And enriching the Rothschild (one more time) if they support Zionism. The symbioses between the Nazi and the Zionists is indisputable. Also sourced by Van der Pelt in Auschwitz. He writes about the symbioses between SS and IG-Farben (Rothschild company).

      Every letter of what I write is straight from credible source. Also first-party source. Only do facts. A conspiracy theory is a theory about a conspiracy. Theory is true ore false. WOII is a Zionist/Catholic conspiracy to gain power over the world for the Vatican and Rothschild. Vatican wants to fulfill prophecies. Like the Exodus. That is recognized by Herzl. That is why he trusted that the Zionists would be supported by Catholics. Rothschild just wants money and power. Herzl blended those 'forces' together in Zionism.

      I do not know who those 500 Orthodox are. I know that the first 200 Zionists ended the human rights for Jews and that the Jews were called 'despised beggars' at the first Zionist Congres at Basel august 1897; and that Herzl wrote before on 06 augustus 1895 that “Jews must be destroyed”.

      There are a lot of Jews who are really afraid of Zionism and threatened to not deny. The Zionists compare themselves with the Maccabees. The man with the hammer. A very aggressive clan of Jews who are known from there bloodshed among other Jews.

      Know from first hand that today at this moment the conclusion that the Zionists are the plotters of WOII and Shoa is threatened by Zionists with 'dire consequences' and organizations that will see to it that there will be dire consequences. The Zionists today are also threatening judges and governance with 'dire consequences' if the holocaust is denied in a court case in which the defended proves that the Holocaust is just one big lie.

      Thanks for your explanation about Jewish Mysticism. Satan as God's servant is a concept I can relate to ;)

    10. By the way. There is nothing special about this Jewish Mysticism. Good and evil is part of the same. Zionists are driving these two apart. They want a sequel of catalytic events, like a nuclear chain reaction, so evil can rule the world without any harmony other than there racist aristocratic fascismlike culture. They are everywhere, the Zionists. Zionism is twisted and distorted Jewish Mysticism. It has nothing to do with Saturn etc. That is used because it is the believe system of others. Zionists have only capital and slavery on there mind. There mindset is totally different than that from Jews with respect to the Jewish Mysticism. Symbols and theories are taken, stolen, from the Jewish Mysticism like the Jewish identity is. It is very well prepared corruption with clever use of the fact that people are afraid of the Zionists and trend to not understand. Sacrificing Jewish brothers and sisters to extort Palestrina from the world community is a lot of evil to reconcile with.

  3. This is one big live End Time game.

  4. I don´t care anymore about "good" or "bad" jews or "zionists" or what-kind-of-jews ever.
    I think that we goyim are for them, according to their talmud, nothing but cattle.
    So I´m only interested in their stuff, because it is necessary to defend ourselves against their subsersive and disintigrating influence on our lives and our societies.

    1. Well the most important thing to understand about them in that regard is their Pagan origins - the term "Israel" itself is a merger of 3 other words - Isis, Ra and El representing the planetary god figures of Venus, Mars and Saturn respectively.

      In Pagan lore Saturn(actually all 3 together) was also known as "Shamash" or "the Superior Sun" who held the "Sun wheel" in his grasp and was the model for the mythological "good king" archetype overseeing the so called "Saturn Golden Age", and was the god of Justice.

      If anyone wonders why a tiny speck of light in the sky - nothing but a star to our view today - was once ordained as the "superior sun" and 'god-father' or 'god king' then the simple answer is that things today are not the way they always were.

      Interesting as well that this "3 as 1" configuration dominated by Saturn was called "Shamash"... now where have I heard that before...

      "Shamash: The Jewish Network"


      "The ninth holder, called the shamash ("helper" or "servant"), is for a candle used to light all other candles and/or to be used as an extra light."



    2. Forgot an important link -


      "Usage Today: The name is still found as a last name among Assyrians and Jews."


  5. Perhaps to put it simply the Jewish mysticism and particularly the "scientific illuminism" aka "Illuminati" systems and doctrines that spawned from it are a more scientific view of the events and actions that inspired the ancient Pagan planet-worshipers.

    These scientific views can be used for "good" or "evil" - on one hand they led to the creation of the organized "Abrahamic Religions" to establish a 'moral order' and thus control the world - hence why most of the modern religious symbols greatly predate any/all of those faith's as they were already symbols of power and divinity that helped the transition into the Abrahamic faiths.

    These "Judeo-Christian" founders of the Abrahamic religious orders are the supposedly "good Jews" that oppose Zionism today.

    The Zionists are the supposedly "bad Jews" that want to use this scientific occult knowledge to "free the world" from the religious orders the other Jews created by establishing their NWO.

    They are "substance versus image" basically - one side following the symbols the other side understanding and controlling those symbols.

    They are the "Templars" that supposedly(according to the Jews) took over the Christian faith and "perverted it" into a thing of violence and control rather than a tool of peace - as they claim they created it for.

    Yet their ideologies are both the same when it comes to fulfilling the ancient prophecies, both the same when it comes to "harmoniously opposing forces", both the same when it comes to Jewish domination of the world, and so on.

    Perhaps there is some honest distinction between them at an ideological level but from a Gentile perspective they are both equally the problem - 'the Jew', not certain Jews as they all desire to destroy the Gentile peoples to create a 'new era of human interrelations'.

    Zionism is but a peg on which to hang a powerful weapon in the fulfillment of Messianic prophecies - and the result of those prophecies means the same thing regardless of which Jew you identify as.


  6. The perfect example of the power of symbols is the Freemason Eye of Providence atop the 13 layer pyramid.

    Contrary to popular belief today this is not a "Satanic" symbol, and by Christian theology it is a sin to call it such as it is in fact a symbol of God - the 'all seeing eye of God'. (although they have expanded on the basic meanings of it over the years)

    The entire symbol represents the "Holy Trinity" which is actually 4 entities to the occult perspective - Father, Son, Holy Spirit + 'the sum of all', the Trinity itself as a whole.

    The 13 layers of the pyramid represent the '1 as 3' while the Eye in the Triangle represents the actual 14th layer of the pyramid.

    The number 14 represents the '1 as 4' aka the "sum of all" to these occult forces, thus the Holy Trinity "Eye of Providence" is the 'sum of all' sitting atop the other 13 layers.

    And of course the Eye is inside a triangle - a geometric construct which has both 3 sides and 3 points when viewed in 2D form - but has 4 points and 4 sides when viewed in 3D form.

    "E Pluribus Unum" ~ "From many, ONE"


    1. Forgot to note as well that the 'sum of all' is naturally at the 'sum-mit' of the pyramid...



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