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Fake Mengele photo on H.E.A.R.T.'s website

This well known photograph of Adolf Eichmann which presumably originates from his SS personnel file—although I'm not equipped to confirm that—is found all over the Internet. This particular example is taken from the Yad Vashem's website and it features his signature, which can be corroborated by other examples also on the Yad Vashem's website.

The USHMM states of the provenance of this photograph of Josef Mengele: "Place and date uncertain." This particular version is also taken from the Yad Vashem, who have reproduced it from a German Press Agency print from 1961.

This is another photograph that is widespread on the Internet, and is clearly a bastardisation of the two photographs I've featured above; Mengele's face has be superimposed onto a the photograph of Eichmann, and the photo-shopper also amended the insignia on Eichmann's collar to match that of Mengele's (I admit to not knowing the first thing about SS insignias). 

I've known about this for years, but just brushed it off as the work of some bored photo-shopper not worth commenting on, until, I recently spotted it on the website of the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team (captured copy) in an article that's dated 2007 and has no updates noted.

A Google Books search for "Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team" produces over 200 published books that mention them. I'd imagine their site is probably one of the most visited on the Internet by folks who are googleing particular aspects of the Holocaust as it does contain an impressive amount of content, particularly on some of the more obscure parts.

It's been claimed before, by a virulent anti-revisionist at that, that some of the gentlemen behind a website very closely affiliated with H.E.A.R.T., are not unfamiliar with fake Holocaust documents and photographs. But I'm not accusing them of doctoring this photograph, only of having a doctored photograph on their site, and that they should know better, especially when you consider that they have the original photograph on their Adolf Eichmann page (captured copy).

Below is a gif that I cobbled together just to illustrate the the fakery. As you can probably tell from the photographs above, I had to squash Eichmann a tad to make him match the doctored version. I don't possess the skills, know-how, or computer programme to have included the original Mengele picture. I determined after a few bungled attempts at trying that that image—or the parts used: eyes; eyebrows; nose; mouth; chin, and parts of the cheeks—has had its perspective changed, the photo-shopper has rotated it three-dimensionally.



  1. Yes, and whoever did the fakery did a terrible job on the collar insignia. They changed it from Eichmann's rank of Obersturmbannfuehrer (Lt Col) to an Obersturmfuehrer (1st Lt), not Menegle's rank at the time of his being posted at Auschwitz (by then he was a Haupsturmfuehrer, a SS Captain). Though I guess it's possible that they could claim it dates to before his promotion, though the fakery is still detectable with the shoulder boards. (Compare http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Shoulder-wss-ill-obersturmbannf.jpg and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Shoulder-wss-ill-obersturmf.jpg)

    Obersturmbannfuehrer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:SS-Obersturmbannf%C3%BChrer.svg
    Obersturmfuehrer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:SS-Obersturmf%C3%BChrer.svg
    Haupsturmfuehrer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:SS-hauptsturmf%C3%BChrer.svg

    It's comically bad really, but I haven't seen it reproduced before.

    1. Thanks for posting all of that.

      You can see here how many websites this photo appears on.

      The foul up with the insignia just adds to the likelihood it was created by some kid as something to do, but after posting it online it's been appropriated by hundreds of people who needed a JM pic quick.

      This might be old news to you, but on the the hyperlink in the "It's been claimed before," part, the supposed photograph of the Treblinka tube found by a freelance researcher for these guys is pretty damn funny.

    2. I have an idea why it may have been made - none of the known photos of Mengele (that I know of) show him in a formal setting wearing the regular SS peak cap like Eichmann is. I only know of a couple photos of him in a hat, and in them, he is wearing the less formal 'crusher' cap. (look for pictures of him - in most of them, he isn't even wearing a belt, let alone a cap). They probably wanted a picture of him looking like the fanatical nazi he is supposed to be, so whoever did this cobbled together the two.

  2. Eichmann must have been Jewish. Search http://db.yadvashem.org on his name.

  3. Jews do now copy stories from other jews.
    There is a Tova Adler claiming, she stood in the crowd before the doors of an Auschwitz gas chamber..The SS handed out soap and handkerchiefs to them. Than the door of death opened, she saw the flames of the crematoria. She thought, oh, there is something wrong and began to step back, for every step forward she took two steps back. The one-step-up-and-two-steps back story is copied from Irene Zisblatt.
    Her story goes on: Finally she stood in front of the gas chamber´s door, alone. The door closed. An SS woman discovered her and forced her to pull out dead bodies out of the gas chamber. Soon afterwards she was transported to Dachau, were she worked in a factory till the end of war...
    You can google "Tova Adler", but it is all in German.

    1. Thanks for that.

      "As the row of people came closer to the gas chambers at Auschwitz, Tova fell to the side of a building and pretended to be dead."


  4. interesting photoshop because the face is of Mengele but the ears if you notice are of Eichmann!


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