Friday, 15 November 2013

Germans read of Hitler's massacres by electrocution

This is the obverse of leaflet no. G2 which was dropped by the Royal Air Force on Düsseldorf and the Ruhr on, respectively, January 23/24 and 27/28, 1943. The headline translates to 'EXTERMINATION ZONE ON THE [river] BUG,' and the photograph purports to show a "smug German sentry standing by a row of corpses."*
The text begins:
DER östliche Wall der „Festung Europa” wird an dem polnischen Fluss Bug instandgesetzt. Diesen Ostwall hat Hitler zur „Ausrottungszone” erklärt.
Seit drie Jahren setzen die Naziführer in Polen ihre Lehree von der „totalen Vernichtung fremden Volkstums” in die Tat um. Hunderttausende von Unschuldigen sind dieser Vernichtungspoltik zum Opfer gefallen und mit Maschinengewehren, Giftgas und Starkstrom beseitigt worden.
THE Eastern bastion of the Fortress of Europe is being got ready along the line of the Polish river Bug. This East wall has been declared the area of extermination by Hitler.
For three years now the Nazis leaders have in Poland been putting their maxim of "total destruction of foreign peoples" into practice. Hundreds of thousands of innocent peasants have been victims of this policy of extermination and have been killed off by machine-gunning, gassing and electrocution.

* Quoted from the explanatory note that includes the above quoted English translation
of the leaflet. Both found in UK NA: FO 371/34549 (pp. 104-105): C1246.


  1. Very interesting. Maybe the authors of the leaflet thought the people of Düsseldorf would be more interested in electricity than in gas since they had a gas chamber in their hometown:

  2. Do you know where the picture taken to illustrate this propaganda leaflet came from ? It looks like an amateur 1943 photoshop job.
    By the way did you catch how an article in the Daily Holocaust on the Roma... (.soon to flood into England although there are already 200,000 here.)
    there was some Holocaust denial !!! Does the HET know ?? apparently according to the article the murder of 200,000 Roam by the Nazi s is contested !!!! Would they ever print an article saying the deaths of 6 million Jews is contested?


    1. No mention of photo's provenance on this PWE produced leaflet. On the reverse is a photo of German POWs in Russia, so this photo could also have originated from the Soviets. They were always finding, and then publishing in Soviet War News Weekly, these types of atrocity photos, usually claiming they'd found the photo on a dead German.

      Here's a bigger version.

      Nice spot in the DH.

  3. Is that credible the Nazis allegedly tried to conceal all trace of their "death factories" along the Bug river (Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec) only a few months after the Allies had dropped leafets about those places on Germany? Trying to hide something which everybody patently knew about sounds like a vain effort. Unless those "death factories" only existed in enemy atrocity propaganda and the Nazis never tried to hide something that never existed in the real physical world, except in the form of commonplace transit camps on the road to the frozen wastes of the Soviet Union...


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