Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Jew talks Nazi out of gassing her

Photo of Block 25 in Compound BIa, Auschwitz II (Birkenau) overlaid on to a Google Earth image of the former camp with the red arrow
indicating the the approximate position from which the photograph was shot and Block 25 partially outlined in yellow (enlarged

The above building is known as the 'Block of Death,' or 'Death Barrack,' but it shouldn't be confused with the 'Block of Death' at Auschwitz I; this is Auschwitz II's 'Block of Death.' It's situated in Compound B(irkenau)Ia the former Women's Camp, and is supposedly the building in which inmates who had been selected for gassing were sent prior to being driven to the gas chamber in trucks. This shouldn't be confused with the gassing on incoming transports, where most were gassed and a small percentage were selected for labour. This building was for women who had been originally selected for labour, but were later reselected for gassing, as they were in poor health, or just had to make up the Nazis' gassing quota.

Below is part of the May 5, 1945 affidavit by Slovakian Jewess and former block leader Josephine Singer, who arrived in Auschwitz in the Spring of 1942 and remained there to the German evacuation of the camp. As this affidavit proves, it was possible to talk the Nazis out of gassing you at Auschwitz.

Found in UK NA: WO 311/1326/2


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  2. Why bother to house sick people for months at a time, if they were scheduled to be executed?


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