Friday, 15 November 2013

Jews presumed gassed at Auschwitz reappear at Belsen

Auschwitz II (Birkenau) January 18, 2012 

The following is from the June 18, 1945 affidavit of Yugoslavian Jew and Doctor of Medicine Ruth Guttman, aged 32, given to Lieutenant-Colonel John Genn of the War Crimes Investigation team at Belsen. This affidavit became Exhibit 184 at the First Belsen Trial:

Selections of prisoners for one purpose or another were a frequent occurrence in AUSCHWITZ, taking place on an average probably three times a week. We were never told what such selections were for, but it was generally believed that some were for the Gas Chambers. All I can say about them is that they were usually conducted in the open by an SS AUFSEHERIN, though on one occasion I saw, at a distance, one made by DOCTOR MENGELE outside a Hut for which the women were paraded naked and from which some were taken away in a Transport. I am myself convinced that this selection was to find women suffering from Scarlatina, of which there was a mild epidemic in the Camp at the time. I do not know what happened to the women who were taken away on the transport. Generally, in regard to these selections, I can say that I have, since coming to BELSEN, seen many acquaintances who were taken away on Transports from AUSCHWITZ after such selections, which had been for working parties or for moves to other places. On the other hand, I remember one or two transports which we believed to be going to the Gas Chamber, and from among my acquaintances on such Transports I have never seen any at BELSEN or anywhere else. I myself left AUSCHWITZ having been selected for a Transport in the middle of October 1944 and was taken to an Arbeitslager at GUBEN. I remained there, continuing my work as Block Doctor, until the end of January 1945. I then came to BELSEN, arriving in early February.

UK NA: WO 311/1326/2

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