Friday, 1 November 2013

Nazis crucified Jews at Majdanek

I found this photo on the Yad Vashem's website; it bears the caption: "Majdanek, Poland, Postwar, A plaque in the museum."

An enlargement of the English text shows that the Germans punished the prisoners by "crucifiction." 

The misspelling perhaps indicates a Freudian-slip. 


  1. The command of concentrationcamp Majdanek where jews were crucified was held by "Weiss" and "Liebehenschel".

    Irma Liebehenschel was born in 1883. Prior to WWII lived in Leipzig, Germany. During the war was in Berlin, Germany. Deported with Transport 30 from Berlin,Berlin,Berlin,Germany to Auschwitz Birkenau,Extermination Camp,Poland on 26/02/1943. Irma was murdered/perished in the Shoah. (Item ID: 4117067: http://db.yadvashem.org).

    The list of "Weiss" in the Holocaustdatabase at Yad Vashem is endless.

    That can be conformation of the observation that jews were killed by jews during WOII. “Jews must shout at each other” Zionist leader Herzl explains in his dairies.

  2. The number of Weiss s in the databank of Yad Vashem is endless but then so is the number of Hitlers and Himmlers ; it is totally worthless. Rather like the " Stolpersteins" where names are given of people who are always " murdered" in Auschwitz according to the citation . They could have died of old age in Theresienstadt, died in an allied air raid, drowned in one of the German boats taking personnel from the Baltic torpedoed by an allied submarine or they could even be in a Florida old folks home. Who knows where they are and it really is of no importance to the priests of the major faith of the 21st century namely Shoaismus.


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