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Nazis gassing Jews in the ghetto

In May 1945 former Auschwitz prisoner and Kapo Katherine Neiger provided affidavits to be used against several of the German camp staff during at the 1st Belsen trial. Some of those Germans in turn had the following to say about Neiger's claims:
"Katherine Neiger is quite unable to say anything about me because she was Lagerälteste in Camp No. 2, and I had never met her."Herta Ehlert
"... Katherine Neiger was not a single second in my camp, and has never been in my camp."Irma Grese
"The whole thing is a lie." - Elisabeth Volkenrath

In her main affidavit dated May 6, 1945 Neiger stated that her mother and baby sister had been gassed, not at Auschwitz, but in a Polish ghetto:
"I am aged 23 and am a Jewess of Czechoslovakian nationality. I left the Sudetenland in September 1938 and went to Czechoslovakia. I was arrested by the Germans in Prague and on 23rd October 1941 was sent to the Ghetto in Poland. My mother and baby sister were gassed at the Ghetto and I, with the rest of my family, was transferred to Auschwitz. In August 1944, my father having been gassed at Auschwitz, I and my sister were transferred to Belsen concentration camp."

UK NA WO 311/1326/1; WO 309/1697; Read into Belsen trial transcript October 4, 1945

British historian and regularly feature writer for "The Daily Holocaust," Guy Walters discusses Neiger at length in his 2009 book Hunting Evil. As you can see in the following facsimile from the book, Walters essentially lies by implying that Neiger's mother and baby sister were gassed at Auschwitz, and were even sent to the gas chambers by Mengele! As Walters knew perfectly well that Neiger said they were gassed in a Polish ghetto. Something that should disqualify her affidavit from being used even by a believer in the dogma of the homicidal Auschwitz gas chambers, as holocaustologists have never maintained that Jews were gassed in the actual ghettos.

Guy Walters, Hunting Evil: How the Nazi War Criminals Escaped and the Hunt to Bring Them to Justice, London: Random House, 2009, p.35.


  1. Did a small online scientific investigation yesterday. Have compared the name-list of the Auschwitz trail in Poland with the names in the Yad Vashem Shoah-victim database



    This way I discovered that 17 out of 40 trialled Nazi's had in fact a Jewish family-name.

    Accademic question now is: how come that all those names like Hitler and Himmler and the commander, SS-Oberscharführers, SS-Unterscharführers, SS-Aufseherins, SS-Rottenführers and guards and doctors of Auschwitz etc can be found in the Yad Vashem database?

    That seems to be impossible if those Nazi’s only were non Jewish Germans.

  2. It is becoming ridiculous now. Bormann (Successor to Hess as Nazi Party Secretary, Trialled in Nuremberg) is also a jewish name compared tot the Yad Vashem Shoah-victimdatabase


    1. Yad Vashem has no value as many names appear several times with different spellings and different birthdates. They have one aim, namely to reach the magic figure of six million. At present they are relying on 90 years olds to recite as many names as can be found in their brains riddled with Altzheimers.
      Jews you will find adopted German surnames , it is a characteristic which they adopt to blend in to the host society.

  3. Guy Walters is a fraud and he knows he is reciting bullshit. He used to have a blog on the Daily Torygraph but that has disappeared. He has to make a living though and he knows the rules. The Daily Holocaust employs him because he is aware of the limits of what is acceptable to the people who call the shots.
    Last year he did write an article exposing Denis Avey , the man who " broke into Auschwitz" for the Daily Holocaust but then the article was written well enough not to annoy the high priests of the Holocaust Educational Trust .


    1. In the endnote 44 he says "UKNA, WO 309/1697; GWDN: 7193. Holocaust deniers would do well to study this file and WO 309/1698. Both contain exhaustive and horrifying testimonies of those who had survived the camps." The first file is precisely where I found most of these thoroughly absurd claims (inc a diagram) about the Auschwitz gas chamber that I posted on rodoh:

      The only things a 'Holocaust denier' will find in that file is further evidence to support their arguments. So I wondered just what he was getting at.

  4. Does anyone know if there is an online version of "The Jewish war front" by Jabotinsky available?

  5. Ze'ev Jabotinsky is the driving force behind the expulsion of Jews out of Europa. His writings are very important with respect to the history of WOII and the Shoah and they can be found nowhere.

  6. Here's a good story for the 'Daily Holocau$t.'

    The Child-Rape Assembly Line of Judaism

    Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg—who is 63 with a long, graying beard—recently sat down with me to explain what he described as a “child-rape assembly line” among sects of fundamentalist Jews. He cleared his throat. “I’m going to be graphic,” he said.


    WARNING: The story is graphic.

    Wonder if Wolf Blitzer will cover this news?


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