Sunday, 3 November 2013

"the procession of victims into the Buchenwald gas chambers"

The artist Si Lewen. One of the Ritchie Boys. Young male European Jews who fled Germany for the United States prior or during WWII, joined the U.S. Army, trained in intelligence work and interrogation, and returned to Germany with the U.S. Army.
Lewen's own website states that he "was among the first soldiers to arrive at Buchenwald concentration camp after its liberation," which you thought would have meant that he knew that there were no gas chambers at Buchenwald. Nevertheless, that didn't stop him from creating a piece of "art" titled "Procession at Buchenwald" which a fawning review in the Herald Statesman said "illustrates the procession of victims into the Buchenwald gas chambers, as well as the march of mankind into a dehumanized future."


  1. With the E bay Holocaust clothing saga prominent in the MSM you wonder if the star of David could become a fashion accessory on clothing akin to the Che Guevara tee shirt image. I rather like this natty Star of David ...looks rather trendy.


    1. It looks like a bandage the Nazi wore with the swastika around there arm http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/files/2013/01/ShowImage.ashx_.jpeg

  2. This bullshit he paints reminds me to another jewish "artist", jackson pollock, and a little bit to Picasso´s ugly "Guernica".(which is also about a propaganda hoax,but this is another story). This stuff was supported by intelligence services to destroy the human experience of art, in other words to make society confused. It´s also easy money, if the artist has a good promoter. You don´t have to need too much skill to create this kind of "masterpieces", so you can produce a lot of them quickly. A huge part of modern art as a jewish money printing machine`?

    Buchenwald did not have any gas chambers? So what! Elie Wiesel could even fly a whole block in NYC.


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