Friday, 6 December 2013

Ban Japanese marriage; sterilise the Royal family

Professor of Anthropology at Harvard University Earnest Albert Hooton

In my previous post I featured some of Hooton's ideas—thought worthy of publication in a major NY newspaper—on how the U.S. should neutralise, or "bred out," the "predatory tendencies" inherit in the German, by banning them marrying each other; deporting of most of the young men, and encouraging large scale immigration, "especially males," into Germany.
His ideas for Japan were pretty similar:
Principally to remove for all time the menace of Japanese aggressiveness. The writer recognizes the industry, thrift, and mechanical skill of the Japanese, but doubts the desirability of perpetuating this stock as a national entity. He has no intimate acquaintence with the Japanese and feels ill-qualifed to decide upon their genetic capacities.
Exile, imprison, and sterilize all members of the Japanese Royal family and all of their blood relations. The purpose of this measure is to extirpate the system of worship of the emperor.
Actively propagate substitutes for the Japanese state religion (Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and other types).
Utilize present Japanese armies for rehabilitation of devastated Asiatic and Pacific areas. Under no circumstances permit the repatriation of Japanese males.
Partially recolonize Japan with Chinese and other Asiatics. Forbid Japanese marriages.
Entrust to the Chinese the task of supervising the Japanese population remaining in the homeland and of providing for the assimilation of Japanese by other Asiatic peoples." 

cf. Rudolf V. A. Janssens, "What Future for Japan?": U.S. Wartime Planning 
for the Postwar Era, 1942-1945, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1995, p.224 (footnote 124). 

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