Tuesday, 10 December 2013

'Christ died at Auschwitz'

Rev. John Stanley Grauel (left) and Michael Stolowitzky, former shipmates aboard the SS Exodus pictured in 1984.

I'd not previously heard of Methodist minister John Stanley Grauel, but his Zionist curriculum vitae certainly puts those of all but a few Jewish nationalists to shame. Aside from supporting all things Zionism; being allowed to speak on behalf of the ADL, Christian minister Grauel was of the opinion that "Christ died at Auschwitz."

Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE), Thursday, October 30, 1980, p. 2.  


  1. There are only two political/historical subjects that have been taken out of normal debate and given a quasi-religious status, so that it is regarded as grossly offensive or even criminal to express a different view: the Holocaust and Nelson Mandela. Whether Nelson will rise again after three days is open to debate, although some people say he has been dead for the last month.

  2. More info here: http://www.palyam.org/Hahapala/Teur_haflagot/John_the_Priest

    Apparently, among his duty for Hagganah was running guns.

    I thought this quote helped explain his fanaticism:

    Grauel remembered [his mother] as a “strong advocate of the brotherhood of man...She also had a very mystical feeling about the Jewish community. As I was growing up, she frequently observed that anyone on the side of the Jews would survive any of life’s vicissitudes because the Jews were God’s Chosen People. She was convinced Judaism must survive because it was the root of her own faith. It is my own deep conviction that the death of Israel would be the death knell of Western Civilization.”


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