Saturday, 14 December 2013

Dachau map drawn by American serviceman

Below is a plan of Dachau concentration camp that was drawn by a US Medical Corpsman and is displayed in Holocaust exhibit at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, according to the website from where I lifted it.

Strangely the cartographer has drawn the 'Shower poisin gas chamber' and 'Furnace to burn bodies' as if they were in separate buildings, although perhaps he was referring to the old crematorium as the latter. Who knows with such an inaccurate, and, frankly, child-like, effort such as this?

Below is an aerial photograph of the Dachau camp taken on April 20, 1945, annotated with a key. The original version with a zoom feature is found here. There red circle surrounding the 54 indicates the "location of the death train at liberation," which also features in the top left of the plan above as "rail cars full dead bodies." The 21 indicates the new crematorium-cum-gas chamber, and the 20 is the old crematorium.


  1. Which building had the showers in your photo - 20?

    1. 20 is the old crematorium

      21 is the new crematorium, with the showers/gas chamber(s)

  2. Please scroll down a little bit until you see the caricature:


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