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"Germany Must Perish!" now in 16 languages

The Jewish Chronicle (Newark, New Jersey), Friday, July 31, 1942, p.1.

I'm sure that no one reading this will be hearing of American-Jew Theodore Newman Kaufman's book Germany Must Perish! for the first time, but please see this article by Mark Weber if you do need some background on the book that, despite being published prior to Germany's invasion of Russia and Hitler and/or leading Nazis instigating the alleged plan to kill all the Jews in Europe, contains the following 'hypothetical' situation at the end of the war (which the United States was then not officially part of):

"Germany has lost its war. She sues for peace. The imperative demands of the victor people that Germany must perish forever makes it obligatory for the leaders to select mass sterilization of the Germans as the best means of wiping them out permanently. They proceed to [...] Segregate the German army into groups, concentrate them in severely restricted areas, and summarily sterilize them. Organize the civilian population, both male and female, within territorial sectors, and effect their sterilization."

In this post I'll be presenting a few articles and adverts for Kaufman's book that appeared in The Jewish Chronicle (Newark, New Jersey), a newspaper which was owned and edited by Anton Kaufman, a German-born Jew who committed suicide in the early hours of New Year's Day 1943 by throwing himself out of an eighth floor window of the Robert Treat Hotel. Anton Kaufman was the father of Theodore N. Kaufman, the man who wrote Germany Must Perish!

Anton Kaufman, editor and proprietor of  the Newark Jewish Chronicle, pictured with his wife
children. His eldest son Theodore N. Kaufman, author of Germany Must Perish!, stands behind him.
The Jewish Chronicle (Newark, New Jersey), Friday, January 8, 1942, p.3.

The Jewish Chronicle (Newark, New Jersey), Friday, March 20, 1942, p.1 and 4.

On the front page of this edition of the JC, the editor Anton Kaufman calls Father Coughlin a bigot whilst simultaneously offering subscribers to his newspaper a free copy of his son's book which suggest that the Germans should be systematically sterilised as a method of wiping them out!

The full-page advert below appeared in the same edition (the advert appeared again April 10, 1942).

The Jewish Chronicle (Newark, New Jersey), Friday, August 7, 1942, p.4.

In the August 7, 1942 edition of the JC appeared the first instalment of a lengthy interview with Theodore N. Kaufman (it concluded in the August 14, 1942, p.4 edition) in which we learn that in Germany alone there were 6,000,000 Jews (it's that number again!); that Kaufman wasn't a Zionist, and that he considered the Jews "notoriously poor bankers." 

Kaufman's issue with the Germans was not that they were then ruled by an antisemitic regime, but that they were and always had been a barbarous bunch and as German-Jewish poet Heinrich Heine had written in 1834, it was only a matter of time until the controlling rein upon the Germans that was Christianity, would slip. The German desire to control the world and make Germanism the world's religion was insatiable, that's why Kaufman supported the use of enforced sterilisation of Germans as a means of "scientifically obliterating them."

The Jewish Chronicle (Newark, New Jersey), Friday, August 14, 1942, p.4.

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