Monday, 16 December 2013

Rudolf Hoess' Auschwitz photo album

Left: Rudolf Hoess in Krakow during 1946 — Right: Hoess at his March 1947 trial in Warsaw

I found the following images on the website of the Israeli Ghetto Fighters' House museum. Each is listed as "A page from an album belonging to Rudolf Hoess, commandant of the Auschwitz camp. The album depicts Auschwitz and its subcamps." The German text on the top one translates as: Concentration camp Auschwitz and it's sub-camps.


  1. Ever heard of "kibbutz hachshara" at Oswiecim? In 1933 there was an "Oswiecim division" (Pluga). https://tinyurl.com/puh96sy

    And this one:

    "The deportation of Jews from Oswiecim. The deportees, who were transported to other cities, are walking in the street." http://tinyurl.com/nj4ayrx
    Deported to other cities?

    And this one:

    "The Jews are standing in the street, awaiting deportation." It looks all so relaxed. No Germans to see.


    "Don't be alarmed when Hitler turns yellow." https://tinyurl.com/ncd9jog

  2. interesting album all the photos should be on the net . Maybe its rather like the Himmler diaries reportedly in Tel Aviv , if they don.t help the " official story they are not made public


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