Saturday, 21 December 2013

The banality of 'six million Jews'

"Hannah Arendt, Manomet, Massachusetts, 1950"

As I've mentioned countless times before on this blog, the day the world supposedly learnt that the figure of Jews murdered by the Nazis was six million, was December 14, 1945; the day U.S. prosecutor Major William Walsh stated at the big Nuremberg trial:
"I do wish, however, to offer one document, a statement, to establish the deaths of 4 million Jews in camps and deaths of 2 million Jews by the State Police in the East, making a total of 6 million"
That statement being document PS-2738, a November 26, 1945, affidavit by SS-Sturmbannfuehrer-cum-American Intelligence agent, Wilhelm Hoettl.

The number of Jews and Zionists who were claiming that it was six million, before they were suppose to know it was six million, is fairly substantial, here's some I've previous compiled. Another I can now add to that list is Hannah Arendt.
"Another experience—also of great importance to the future of Jewish politics—was gained from the realization, not that six million Jews had been killed, but that they had been driven to death helplessly, like cattle. There are stories telling how Jews tried to obviate the indignity of this death by their attitude and bearing as the were marched into the gas chambers—they sang or they made defiant gestures indicating that they did not accept their fate as the last word upon them."
"The Jewish State: Fifty Years After Where Have Herzl's Politics Led?" by Hannah Arendt, Commentary (Incorporating Contemporary Jewish Record), December 1, 1945, p.8.


  1. The claim that it was six million, before the Zionists were suppose to know it was six million, is because the Zionists wanted it to be six million. It is there Holocaust! That is why they paid Hitler and build Auschwitz etc.

  2. Almost but no cigar: 12/01/1945 is 5 days after 11/26/1945

    1. No, I'm right on this one. Hoettl's affidavit is dated 26 Nov 45, but it wasn't made public until 14 Dec 1945. He in fact made some earlier mentions of the six million figure, but they were just during interrogations or in affidavits made in a Nuremberg interview room, none of them were made public.


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