Sunday, 19 January 2014

"anti-Semitism has been abolished in Eastern Germany"

Gerhart Eisler (1897 – 1968) German-born, half-Jewish communist leader who fled the 
U.S. after being charged with spying, went on to become East Germany's propaganda chief.*

The chief of the German Information Department of Soviet controlled Eastern Germany, Gerhard Eisler declared at a press conference, in Berlin, that anti-Semitism has been abolished in Eastern Germany because it is considered that anti-Semitism is a crime against humanity.
Eisler also said that the German Communist Government will continue to fight against the German militaristic fascism which was responsible for the Hitler-barbaric outrages in Europe.

* Eisler's story is excellently summarised in Robert J. Lamphere's memoirs The FBI-KGB War: A Special Agent's Story, from p.44, viewable on Google Books 


  1. Israel was born as a result of the First Zionist Congress at Basel august 1897, not as a result of the UN resolution. The UN resolution was born as a result of the War of the Jews!

  2. The head of East German intelligence service, Markus Wolf, was jewish, too. In the late 1950s they painted swastikas on synagogues and jewish cemetries in West Germany. They wanted to present East Germany as the good "anti faschist" state and West Germany as the evil "Fourth Reich". The East German minister of justice was the jewess Hilde Benjamin.
    They also had a jewish expert for provdining money in western currencies, Schalck-Golodkowski. Bruno Baum, a friend of GDRs leader Erich Honecker, was a member of the Auschwitz camp partisans around Hermann Langbein.

  3. It is all a Jewish, née Zionist job.

  4. Interesting to know antisemitism had been declared illegal before the alleged 'Holocaust' even began. See the October 1940 New York Times article "New World Order pledged to Jews": it was clearly stated antisemitism would be regarded as a crime in the postwar world. The holohoax was very useful to turn antisemitism into a crime, a murderous opinion.


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