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Czech Karla Rélinka's antisemitic drawings

"Karel Rélink (1880 — 1945) Czech painter, illustrator, graphic designer, writer and publicist. After graduating from the School of Applied Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (studio of Professor Vaclav Brožíka) worked as a book illustrator in the Czech Republic and abroad. For several years he lived in Paris, where he illustrated magazines. During World War II he served in the Austro-Hungarian army as a regimental artist. Drawn illustrations and covers for German satirical leaves. He drew a number of anti-Semitic cartoons that were based journals (eg flag), illustrated books and other anti-Jewish authors also published several collections of their own cartoons." (automatic translation from here).

I wonder how he died?

Images below taken from:

The images below have been lifted from this site: http://nassmer.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/vystava-sovetsky-raj-v-praze-1942.html
Rough translation of titles: "Left work titled 'The Jewish injection' right 'Backstage parliamentary machinery'."

The images below are from a book of Karla Rélinka's published in 1925, they've been lifted from this site which features others I've not stolen:

The following images are from this site:

Other Czech antisemitic drawings can be seen here:

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  1. How many cartoonists became famous for their anti-German hate cartoons?They,of course, are considered heroes for their hate mongerering !


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