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Dutch Jews not concerned about being deported to Auschwitz

"Westerbork, Netherlands, 1943, Dutch Jews Embarking on a Deportation Train to Auschwitz"

According to Raul Hilberg's final scholarly work on Auschwitz: up to 175,000 Jews, including 38,571 from the Netherlands, were deported to Auschwitz up until December 31, 1942.1 The Germans had supposedly been gassing Jews there since January 1942, initially in the modified morgue in Auschwitz I, but by the middle of the year operations had switched to two modified peasant cottages in Birkenau which "were the sites of systematic and unceasing murder of Jews who were brought in mass transports from various German-occupied European countries."2

As early as January 1942, the BBC had been broadcasting to Continental Europe radio programmes recorded in the United States by Thomas Mann in which he mentioned the experimental gassings of 400 Jews deported from the Netherlands.3 By June "the BBC began to refer to the gassings in Poland," and the 6pm news on BBC Home Service on July 9, 1942 stated: "Jews are regularly killed by machine-gun fire, hand grenades—and even poisoned by gas." Anne Frank supposedly mentioned hearing on the English radio that Jews were being gassed whilst writing about the rounding-up and deportation of Dutch Jews in an October 9 diary entry.4

Despite all of that, the German Foreign Ministry's representative in the Hague: Otto Bene, wrote in a November 16, 1942 report: 
"The Dutch population are used to the deportation of the Jews. They are making no trouble whatsoever. Reports from Rausch­witz [recte Auschwitz] camp sound favorable. Therefore the Jews have abandoned their doubts and more or less voluntarily come to the collecting points."5

1. "Auschwitz and the Final Solution" by R. Hilberg in Y. Gutman, M. Berenbaum, Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp, Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1998, p.86.
2. "Gas Chambers and Crematoria" by F. Piper, in Gutman & Berenbaum, op. cit., p.161
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4. A. J. Pomerans et. al., The Diary of Anne Frank: The Revised Critical Edition, NY: Doubleday, 2003, p.290; British revisionist Simon Sheppard argues that: "the published Diary of Anne Frank, covering the period 12 June 1942 to 1 August 1944, was actually written between 20 May 1944 and 1 August 1944. It consists of a substantially revised compilation of her earlier diary and was described by her as a novel" in "On the Book of Frank" by S. Sheppard, heretical.com: http://www.heretical.com/sheppard/bof1.html
5. NG-2631, NMT vol. XIII, pp.252-253. The report was submitted during the Ministries Trial, and it was accepted by the court that "Rauschwitz" was supposed to be "Auschwitz," see ibid. p.251.


  1. Have in front of me a report of ITS in Bad-Arolsen about the family being deported from Westerbork to Auschwitz on November 15 1943. So what Raul Hilberg says about deporting from Westerbork to Auschwitz up until December 31 1942 can not be true

  2. I was just quoting his figures for Jews deported to Auschwitz prior to 31 Dec 1942, as only 1942 is relevant to Bene's report.

    Hilberg states that more Jews were deported to Auschwitz from the NL:

    9,408 between Jan and March 1943

    c.11,400 between April 1943 and Mar 1944

    c.2,200 April - Nov 1944

    And from the NL to Sobibor:

    "March 1943" = 4,424
    "After March 1943" = 29,889

  3. Deported by Jews. Seems to be the conclusion after investigating all the evidence we have not seen before. And it is even more strange. The Jewish grandson of the president of the 'Judenrat' that collaborated with the German occupier deporting the family to Auschwitz is today's Vicepremier of the Netherlands not talking about the today's crime's of the Zionists against humanity and supporting the Holohoax. Can you imagine. By the way: “witz” in the word Auschwitz means 'joke' in jiddisch.

  4. Weren't Thomas Mann's Jews supposed to have been gassed at Mauthausen (not Auschwitz)? British atrocity propaganda started to spread lies about alleged mass gassings at Auschwitz very late during WW2 - from March 1944 (the month following the British Minister of [Dis]Information's "shocking letter" reported on this website - what a coincidence!) if memory serves me right.

    1. The BBC was telling it's listeners from the summer of '42 that Jews were regularly being gassed in Poland. The media didn't start spreading tales about B, S, and T until late Nov '42 (after Bene's report was written). Considering that, it's surprising that Jews in the NL—who'd been hearing specifically about gassings in Poland since June—acquiesced to forced-deportation to Poland. The fact that Oswiecim wasn't mentioned by name is neither here not there, the BBC almost certainly wasn't reporting prior to late-Nov 1942 where the alleged gas centres in Poland were.

      According to Kues, as you know, Mann first mentioned the 400 Jews were gassed at Mauthausen also in June. The first time he mentioned them in Jan '42 he just said they were deported to Germany and gassed. Their (ahem) story, was included to further show why Jews in the NL would have resisted deportation, as deported Jews had been gassed by the Germans.

      Bene states "[r]eports from Rausch­witz camp sound favorable. Therefore the Jews have abandoned their doubts." What would be interesting to know, is what these reports were (postcards, letters from Auschwitz? Reassurances from the Jewish councils/elders?), and why the prospective deportees trusted them more than the BBC.

  5. The use of 'Rauschwitz' is interesting.

    According to Wiki, Rauschwitz is a municipality in the district Saale-Holzland, in Thuringia, Germany.

    Of course, the German 'Holzland' and Dutch 'Holland' have the same meaning which is 'wood-land'.

    Rauschwitz is probably within range of the Buchenwald system of camps though I don't know of any camp at Rauschwitz or thereabouts.

    According to volume XIII (Blue Series) of The Nuremberg Trials Documents, which deals with The Ministries Case, Benes also used 'Rauschitz' to describe the destination of Jews from the Netherlands. A detailed example of this is given in translation of another Benes despatch found at p. 251 (p. 256 in the pdf) and listed as NG-2631.

    In the footnote it is stated that it's not known to the tribunal if Benes was actually referring to 'Auschwitz' in his reports.

    Here's the footnote:

    * "Rauschitz is used throughout Bene's reports. It is not known whether he meant Rauschltz" or "Auschwitz:' the largest of the concentration camps. In testifying. the defendant von Weizsaecker assumed that "Auschwitz" was the word here used.

    See extracts from the testimony of von Weizsaecker reproduced later in this section.''

    Source: http://www.loc.gov/rr/frd/Military_Law/pdf/NT_war-criminals_Vol-XIII.pdf

    1. Vol. 13 is where I got NG-2631 from, and I ref. that footnote in my note no.5.

      F. Piper produces a list of Jews deported from 'Holland':

      5,978 - Jul 1942
      6,265 - Aug
      6,675 - Sep
      11,965 - Oct
      5,199 - Nov
      2,496 - Dec
      3,594 - Jan 1943
      4,283 - Feb
      2,005 - Aug
      2,971 - Sep
      1,007 - Oct
      2,144 - Nov
      949 - Jan 1944
      1,015 - Feb
      1,331 - Mar
      240 - Apr
      453 - May
      496 - Jun
      1,019 - Sep

      60,085 - Total

      He wrote:

      "On the basis of transport list and other documents preserved in Dutch archives, the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation has determined [92] that out of 102,893 Jews deported from the Netherlands, 60,085 men, women and children left for Auschwitz from July 15, 1942 to September 1944 in 68 transports. Prior to their arrival at the camp, 18 of these transports went through a selection in Koźle."

      92. Documenten van de Joden vervolging in Nederland 1940-1945, Amsterdam, 1965, pp.115-120.

      Strange he didn't cite anything from the camp records for these 60,000 arrivals.

    2. Isn't Kozle where Auschwitz III (Monowitz) was?

      In Berlin on Aug 28th 1942 there was a conference at the Reich Main Security Office on the Jewish question.

      It was agreed that all Jews being sent to the ''internment camp'' Auschwitz must be ''furnished with the necessary blankets, working-shoes, and eating utensils'' And ''in cases where this has been omitted, so far, they are to be sent on to the camp immediately''

      This order was in response to the direct request for the above from the ''camp commander'' who must have been Rudolf Hoess.

      Also at this conference the timetable for the rail transports and deportations was agreed with special attention given to the problems of deporting the Jews during the coming month of October when the light would be failing due to the days becoming short .

      It was suggested by RSHA to load the Jews on to the trains and leave them guarded overnight ready for immediate departure the following day.

      N.B - Eichmann requested the deportation be carried out on a ''larger scale'' during September/October because it was 'presumed' that due to the seasonal problems the ''Reichsbahn'' couldn't provide any transports for the ''coming months of November, December, and January''.

      Eichmann also requested payment be made by the Commander of the Security Police in the Hague for the purchase of huts he had ordered. These huts were to be carried on the transports 3-5 huts per train, and were to be used ''to establish the camp in Russia''.

      One might suppose from this that the final destination for these Jews (or those Jews due to be moved on from Auschwitz after having already spent time there) was the camp that was being built in Russia.

    3. Thanks for that.

      Blechhammer was in Koźle. Apparently it became one of the Auschwitz III sub-camps in April 1944. Although it's 55 miles as the crows flies from Monowitz.

    4. 55 miles! Hard to believe it came within the orbit of Monowitz so late in the day (April 1944).

      Rauschwitz is about 47 miles from Buchenwald. I wonder why Bene used the names 'Rauschwitz' or 'Rauschitz' in his numerous communiques, but never Auschwitz.? It seems very odd that he continued his reports in error without ever realizing his mistake or being corrected on it by his superiors in Berlin and perhaps elsewhere.

    5. It does seem odd.

      I see littlegreyrabbit was writing on this subject.

      The German quote from bluespaceoddity appears to come from the judgment of the 1967 Munich trial of Wilhelm Harsterm, Wilhelm Zoepf and Gertrud Slottke.

      Anne Frank's father testified there, apparently he was even allowed to question the defendants!

      "Nazi Crimes Against Humanity Trial In Munich Germany - Three former Nazis stand trial in Munich for the mass murder of Dutch Jews, including Anne Frank."

  6. Rausch means: intoxication, high, ecstasy, state of euphoria. Witz means "joke". Rausch also sounds like "raus". Is there a kind of joke with those names Rauschwitz, Auschwitz? Auschwitz is a chosen name. Like Hitler. The place of the camp is called Oswiecim. Who named it Auschwitz? Ausch sounds like "aus" and is out. Does Auschwitz and Rauschwitz really mean 'out joke', 'intoxication joke'? Have read somewhere that Auschwitz and Hitler can be found close together in the Thoracode. Are these names chosen from this code to look like a natural fulfillment of a prophecy?

  7. "The life of Anne Frank as a computer game"

    I wonder if there's gas chamber in the end....

    - Mikael

    1. Here's the end level boss:

    2. Anything but typhus.

      - Mikael


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    2) he had identified large parts of the key “confession” of Kurt Gerstein as to the “gassings” as “pure nonsense” and “totally false,”

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    7) he knew of NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF that even ONE JEW had been gassed. (see the article on the same date by Kirk Makin in the Globe and Mail, and the Sault Star of 1/18/85.)

    Understandably, when called upon to testify again in a later trial, Hilberg begged off.

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