Saturday, 11 January 2014

German propaganda poster

Scanned from Michael Berenbaum's The World Must Know: The History of the Holocaust as Told in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Revised Edition, (Washington, D.C.: USHMM, 2006) where it appears with following caption:
"UPPER LEFT German propaganda poster explaining the development of the United States, Uncle Sam kicking out the Indians and then a Jew kicking out Uncle Sam. The poster states that a Jewish historian predicted in 1885 that a "great powerful Jewry will arise in the 20th century" and then comments that the Jews have achieved their goal in the United States, where they have pushed the American people into war in order to expand their power over Europe and the rest of the world. Germany, 1942. USHMM, COURTESY OF DEUTSCHES HISTORISCHES MUSEUM, BERLIN, GERMANY." 

In 2013 a copy of the original poster sold for over $5,000 on the auction site kestenbaum.net. The following is an extract and partial translation from their listing:
"Reproduces a 1909 drawing labeled,”History of the United States,” showing a Native American Indian being pushed off a cliff by Uncle Sam, who is in turn supplanted by a Jew. The poster declares that the Jews are the true masters in the United States, and pledges to fight until the Jews are overcome: “They have driven the American people into war to take over Europe and to rule rest of the world. We will defend ourselves against them! We will not lay down our weapons until we get rid of the Jews and destroy their influence completely. We will put an end to the reign of the Jews!”"


  1. It´s a propaganda poster, but every word it says is the truth.
    Helen Thomas, long time white house correspondent, confirmed it:

  2. A Russian Website worth a look for some interesting pics and info.




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