Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Nazis kill Jews with "gas cameras." Yes, "cameras!"

Hitler and Goebbels visit the Universum Film AG during 1935 wikimedia

The Polish clandestine publication "WRN" (the letters stand for Freedom, Equality and Independence), published the following news on 18th of June, 1943, in its issue No. 118:
"The concentration camp Majdanki has become a forted labor camp for Poles. As a result, its inmates must now wear their own clothes. They have even been promised to be paid for their work (from 90 pfennig to 4 marks). However, new gallows have been erected on a nearby field to hand those guilty of breaking camp regulations."
"Those remnants of Warsaw's Jews who were sent to Majdanki are being systematically annihilated by means of gas suffocating cameras, that are operated three times a week. Since the crematory has been out of order, the corpses of the murdered Jews are burned in large heaps."

The Ghetto Speaks, Issued by the AMERICAN REPRESENTATION of the GENERAL JEWISH WORKERS UNION of POLAND Address: THE GHETTO SPEAKS, 175 East Broadway, Room 401, New York City - Phone: ORchard 4-1387. No. 20, February 1, 1944, p.2.

As you can see, this publication was written and published in New York City, so it's strange that they should have garbled "gas chamber" to "gas camera," and three times at that; twice in the article quoted in full above and once in 'Table of Contents' on the cover of the publication, which reads:


(I have a copy of the publication, but can't republish it unfortunately)


  1. Well, it is in fact a Holocaust by camera. By camera it is made to believe that it was a Holocaust. It all started in the US in the 70's. with: Holocaust the miniseries http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocaust_%28TV_miniseries%29

  2. Someone had an issue with translation.

    Camera is late Latin for 'chamber' and comes from the Greek 'kamara', meaning vault.

    When one meets privately with a judge in his chambers the meeting is said to take place ''in camera''.

    1. Thank you for teaching me that Henry. Even if you have spoiled the fun in the process. ;-)

  3. In Polish, gas chamber is "komora gazowa".

  4. Think that the names "Auschwitz" and "Hitler" really are chosen as a kind of joke to arouse associations with the Thoracode.

  5. This photo is obviously photo-shopped. The most obvious part is Goebbels. It is the first photo-shopped picture I've seen on here. The more this happens the more people will leave this site.

    1. I just wanted a photo of Hitler with a camera for the story, I was going to go with this video still instead, I even tried find that footage to take a better one, but couldn't.

      The picture is taken in a movie studio, and it must be the studio lights that makes Goebbels look slightly awkward. I don't see what there was to gain from doctoring a picture of them at a film studio in 1935 and then planting it in the German archives

      "1935 Adolf Hitler and Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels visit the studios, acclaimed by the staff. Their tour through the studio also passes the location where the subversive comedy "Amphitryon" (DIR: Reinhold Schünzel) was shot. The Ministry for Propaganda controls film production, all studios are nationalised until 1937. Entertainment films, sometimes with national socialist implications, dominate the studios′ production."

      "On January 15, 1935 Adolf Hitler and Josef Goebbels visited the Universum Film AG (UFA) in Potsdam."

    2. I visit this site almost daily and I will continue.

    3. Said the one with a porn blog.


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