Sunday, 12 January 2014

"some of whom are curable and others killable"

"There are less than 70,000,000 malignant Huns, some of whom are curable and others killable, most of whom are already engaged in holding down Austrians, Czechs, Poles and the many other ancient races they now bully and pillage. The people of the British Empire and of the United States number nearly 200,000,000 in their homelands and in the British Dominions alone. They possess the unchallengeable command of the ocean and will soon obtain decisive superiority in the air. They have more wealth, more technical resources and they make more steel than the whole of the rest of the world put together. They are determined that the cause of freedom shall not be trampled on nor the tide of world progress turned backward by the criminal dictators."
— Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill, radio broadcast to the Empire and the United States of America, April 27, 1941

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  1. Britain deserves everything currently happening to them.


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