Sunday, 19 January 2014

The AJC falls out of love with Stalin

A couple of articles here which illustrate the AJC's shameless about-turn in their portrayal of Stalin's attitude to Jews.

"Anti-Semitism has long been present in the internal policies of Moscow ... the anti-Semitism of Stalin is similar to the anti-Semitism of Hitler ... Stalin’s attack on the Jews is a bid for support from all Fascist forces in Germany, in Western Europe, in the Near East and Latin America, looking ultimately to the conquest of America and the entire free world. As with Hitler, anti-Semitism is again being used to unite the enemies of democracy. The American Jewish Committee appeals to free men the world over to denounce this new threat to humanity"
- Declaration of the American Jewish Committee, New York City, February 1, 1953

"One Hundred and Twenty Jews Recipients of Stalin Prize in Country that Uncompromisingly Fights Anti-Semitism ... In the years preceding the second World War, the Soviet Union uncompromisingly classed anti-Semitism as a particularly crude variety of international fascism. And during the Second World War itself, the Soviet's fight against anti-Jewish racialism was one of the main aspects of the Red Army's exploits. ... Special measures to counteract Nazi-fomented prejudice [i.e. antisemitism] were initiated in December 1944 by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, including the use of films and other educational devices."
- Henry Frankel, Foreign Affairs Dept. of the American Jewish Committee, 1946


  1. You know what Leni Brenner wrote about Russia and the Jews: that the Jews were protected by the Bund. The Zionists and the Jewish Capitalists were allies of the Tsar. In Russia the revolution (like the French revolution) gave relief from antisemitism by Zionists and those Jewish Capitalists. The pogroms and Ghetto's in eastern Europe are projects of the Jewish Capitalists. They owned the 'colonies' and Jewish Slaves. Theodore Herzl and his Zionists were inspired by the (old fashioned Jewish) slave trade, they kept the working class Jew in slavery in ghetto's later called 'concentration camps' today generally known as Kibbutz.

    1. Small correction to the above: the French Revolution gave relief from antisemitism by the Catholics, later replaced by the Diaspora Revisionism of the Zionists. Herzl gained support from the Vatican for his idea of the Endlosung der Judenfrage because Rome also (for ages) wanted to get ride of the Jews.

    2. ..get rid of..

  2. These people paid Hitler, legally owned Auschwitz and are promised Israel as Kingdom for there support to the 'Endlösung der Judenfrage'; they see themselves as the Jews of Jews but they are in fact successors of the Roman Empire:



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