Sunday, 2 February 2014

More Nazis playing football with Jewish babies

Ernest L. Lloyd (1913-2010) of Christian Witness to Israel (formerly the British Society for the Evangelization of the Jews, formerly the British Jewish
Society) was born to a Sephardi Jewess who left him in a care home when aged five. He spent his entire adult life preaching Christian evangelism.
Further details of him here and here, video of him preaching here

Elsewhere on this blog you can learn of how the Germans stuffed Jewish infants into football (soccer ball) coverings and kicked them around a field in Lvov, and about the time when Germans soldiers in football kits used 500 Jewish babies as balls during a kick-about in a stadium in Kiev.
It transpires that the dastardly Germans also used babies as footballs in Minsk, according Mr. Lloyd at least...

Launceston Brotherhood Address
Nazi horrors and hatred for Jews were described to Launceston Brotherhood on Sunday by Mr. Ernest L. Lloyd, of the British Jewish Society. He said that at Minsk Jewish babies, all under 12 months, were placed within the stadium arena, and Jewish women were forced at bayonet point to sit in the seats and watch drunken Nazis play football with the babies until the arena was covered with blood.
Two hundred Jewish children were deported from France to Germany for research purposes.

A Viennese doctor was forced from his home at 2 a.m. by the Nazis, who later directed his wife to where she found him, mutilated almost beyond recognition. The woman was now in an English asylum and her daughter without father or mother.
When he saw the return of Mr. Chamberlain from Munich, crying, "It is peace," and while great crowds were cheering, he slunk away ashamed, and a young Czech said to him, "This is the end of out nation; the end of our freedom."
German greatness was due to the Jews, and the greatness of England was in some degree due to the Jews.
Russia, with her temperament, would not show any mercy to those who had meted out such hatred and horrors to the Jews.

The Western Morning News (Plymouth, Devon, U.K.) January 12, 1943, p.2.

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