Friday, 9 May 2014

Alan Dershowitz's impervious six million

Alan Dershowitz wrote in October 1987:
"Vice President George Bush recently ended his four-day trip to Poland with a visit to the Nazi extermination camps of Birkenau and Auschwitz. ... nearly all of the 4 million people murdered in the camps were Jews who were gassed solely because they were Jews."

In his 1982 book The Best Defence, Dershowitz claimed that several members of the Jewish Defence League (perhaps in unison?) had said to him in a NYC deli a decade earlier:
"You're no different from the American Jews who stood by silently while six million of your brothers and sisters were being gassed by the Nazis."

In his 2003 book The Case for Israel Dershowitz writes: "
"... the Holocaust, in which six million Jews were murdered." 

In late 1989, between the publication of the two quoted Dershowitz books, the Auschwitz museum, in conjunction with the Vad Vashem, officially lowered the Auschwitz death toll from 4,000,000 to 1,100,000, of which, 960,000 were Jews.
As we've seen, Dershowitz was claiming the death toll was 6,000,000 prior to the Auschwitz museum's mammoth death toll reduction, and still claims its 6,000,000 today.
How is that possible when he believed the the majority of the 4,000,000 killed at Auschwitz (pars pro toto) were Jews? 

A few articles on George Bush 1's trip to Auschwitz, where 4,000,000 were murdered:

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