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Another Zionist claiming 6m were dead too early

Alexander L. Easterman (1891 - 1983), Scottish-born Jew, a lawyer and 
journalist who became Political Secretary of the World Jewish Congress 
in the late-'30s and head of its International Affairs Department in 1941.

We're told by historians—whose pronouncements are only doubted by hate criminals—that the world learnt that six million was the number of Jews holocausted on December 14, 1945; the day William Walsh, a U.S. prosecutor at the main Nuremberg trial, submitted an affidavit of SS-Sturmbannfuehrer (turned O.S.S. agent) Wilhelm Hoettl, in which he claimed Adolf Eichmann had told him 6,000,000 Jews had been killed.
Evidence suggests that this wasn't the case at all; numerous Zionists were claiming six million was the number of Jews killed up to 22 months prior to Hoettl's confession being presented to the Nuremberg courtroom. 
Below is another example of a Zionist claiming 6,000,000 were dead, on this occasion 4 months prior to when he was supposed to have learnt that was the figure. Following is a transcription of a letter from Alexander Easterman sent to the military judge who headed the British war crimes unit in post-war Europe, which can found in a file now held at the British national archives:



Congress House
55, New Cavendish Street
London, W.1.
Telephone: Welbeck 1314
8th August, 1945
Brig.General H. Shapcott, C.B.E., M.C.,
Deputy Judge Advocate General,
Spring Gardens, W.1.
Dear Brig.General Shapcott,
I write to thank you for your courtsey in discussing with me last Thursday certain aspects of the forthcoming War Crimes Trials at Belsen-Bergen [sic], in which the World Jewish Congress is closely concerned.
As I inform you, the World Jewish Congress has been in relations with the United nations war Crimes Commission and with various Governments on the question of the Jewish aspect of war crimes. In formal memoranda and in many discussions with these authorities, the Congress has expressed their views upon the specific character of the crimes committed against the Jews in Europe by the Nazi Government of Germany and their satellites, crimes which have culminated in the extermination, as a result of a calculated and planned conspiracy against the Jewish people, of some six million Jewish men, women and children.
Yours sincerely,

(Sgd) A. L. Easterman.
Political Secretary.

Eastman to Shapcott 08.06.45 in UK NA: WO 309/424, p.102B.

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