Thursday, 20 November 2014

Lampshades and soap cut from Family Guy

Above is a youtube video (with poor sound quality) of part of Family Guy (series 9, episode 11: 'German Guy'); which 
shows (from the start of the video) a parody of the film Apt Pupilin which the following scene takes place:

Peter paints some stripes onto the wall; "Twenty-five. That's how high I can count. We have been here for three hours." 
Chris: "I'm scared, Dad. What's gonna happen to us?"
Peter: "Well, he's a Nazi, Chris. If I had to guess, he's going to make us into a lamp shade or a wallet or a bar of soap. I guess that means, I'll be Irish Spring." 
Intercut, a commercial for soap with a man in nature; "Irish Spring will get you fresh and clean as a whistle, see?" 
He whistles, takes a knife and cuts the soap.
Soap-Peter moans: "You cut me! Why? What is that possibly supposed to show the consumer?" 
The guy answers: "There's more soap inside the soap." 
Soap-Peter: "They know that!" 

The text was taken from the site below which compares the episode broadcast on TV to the one released on DVD. The author states that
this scene was cut/censored from the TV version; he also claims that 'Dachau' replaced 'concentration camp' in the DVD version.

Peter Griffin made into a bar of soap by a Nazi.

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