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Hitler's alleged "Jewish pedigree" in the Osterrrichisches Abendblatt

Below are some front pages of the Österreichisches Abendblatt (Austrian Evening Paper) from July 1933, when it published a series of articles on the supposed Jewish ancestry of Adolf Hitler. 
I republished these not because I think there's any truth in them, but because they are part of the historical record, and the Press did become somewhat obsessed with claims of Hitler being Jewish in the summer of 1933.

Österreichisches Abendblatt, July 12, 1933:

Weltsensation um Hitlers Abstammung!

Verbindung mit Polnaer Judenfamilie — Wiener Greisler aus der
Taborstraße als Verwandter Hitlers — Auszug aus den Kultusgemeinde Polna

Worldwide Sensation over Hitler's Ancestry! 

Connection with Polna [Czech Rep.] Jewish family —  Vienna resident named Greisler of
Tabor Street a relative of Hitler — Extracts from the [Jewish] cultural community of Polna

The caption to the photograph reads: "Das Grabmal der Rosalia Müller, geborenen Hitler (die Familie hieß damals noch Hüttler). Das Grab steht aus dem judischen Friedhof zu Polna." [The gravestone of Rosalia Müller, born Hitler (the family was then still Hüttler). The grave is in the Jewish cemetery of Polna.]

Österreichisches Abendblatt, July 14, 1933:

Sensationelle  Spuren der Juden Hitler in Wien

Ein voller Erfolg unserer Nachforschungen — Gräber auf dem jüdischen
Friedhof — Rosalie Hitlers hebräisches  Kochbuch — Neue Matrikelauszüge
und photographische Belege

Sensational Traces of The Hitler Jews in Vienna

An whole success of our investigations  — graves from the Jewish
cemetery — Rosalie Hitler's Hebrew cookbook — New [Jewish] 
Community register extracts and photographic records

The caption to the photographs reads "Die Gräber der Hitler auf dem Zentralfriedhof (israelitische Abteilung)" [The graves of the Hitlers at the [Vienna] Central Cemetery (Jewish Section)]. 

Österreichisches Abendblatt, July 19, 1933:

Hitlers Judentum notariell bestätigt!

Sensationelles Ergebnis unserer Erhebungen — Direkte Linie
von Polna nach Braunau amtlich bestätigt

Hitler's Jewishness Officially Confirmed!

Sensational outcome of our inquiry - Direct line 
from Polna to Braunau [Hitler's birthplace] officially confirmed

This page also quotes the director of the state museum in Polna as saying "Es gibt kaum einen Juden, der einem so schönen jüdischen Stammbaum hat, wie Adolf Hitler" (There is hardly a Jew who has such a beautiful Jewish pedigree as Adolf Hitler).

German historian Brigitte Hamann wrote in Hitler's Vienna [p.47] about this edition of the paper:
"This time the newspaper published the pedigree of a Jewish Hiedler family in Polna, with a Klara Hitler, born in 1821, married name Pölzl, Braunau, Austria. [...] To be sure, this Jewish Klara would have been no less than seventy-eight years old at the time of Hitler's birth, and the other details would not have fit Hitler's grandmother. In part of the article in smaller print the newspaper backed off, stating that this Jewish Klara was neither Hitler's mother nor grandmother, but a close relative of the grandmother—which was false as well."

These and other 1933 editions of the Osterrrichisches Abendblatt can be viewed here:

The then-editor of the Osterrrichisches Abendblatt was Janos Békessy, 
later: Hans Habe, (1911 - 1977), who was himself of Jewish ancestry:

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